ActivistBrands.com is an online resource developed by Christian Sarkar and Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing. Our goals are to:

  • Learn about next practices in brand activism
  • Interview thought-leaders, executives and activists on the future of brand activism
  • Examine and understand the specific factors that contribute to improving the effectiveness of brand activism strategy and execution
  • Help your company develop and improve its progressive brand activism competency
  • Foster discussion of lessons learned
  • Analyze and comment on industry-shaping news
  • Create a framework for measuring new performance criteria for brand activsim
  • Nurture a worldwide community of professionals dedicated to making business serve the common and greater good.

Our book, Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action is about how progressive businesses are taking stands to create a better world. Learn more >>

Finally, we have started a separate project to map out the world’s most urgent problems. It’s called the Wicked 7 Project.  We call it the “design project to save humanity from itself.” Join us >>