What domains or categories come under the umbrella of brand activism?

While the issues may shift over time, we’ve identified six areas that will be familiar to all: broad categories that capture some of the largest problems facing society:

  • Social activism includes areas such as equality – gender, LGBT, race, age, etc. It also includes societal and community issues such as Education, Healthcare, Social Security, Privacy, Consumer Protection, etc.
  • Workplace activism is about governance – corporate organization, CEO pay, worker compensation, labor and union relations, supply chain management, governance, etc.
  • Political activism covers lobbying, privatization, voting, voting rights, and policy (gerrymandering, campaign finance, etc.)
  • Environmental activism deals with conservation, ecocide, land-use, air and water pollution, emission control, environmental laws and policies.
  • Economic activism includes wage and tax policies that impact income inequality and redistribution of wealth.
  • Legal activism deals with the laws and policies that impact companies, such as tax, citizenship, and employment laws.

Increasingly we will see that businesses will have to address all of these areas simultaneously – some because they choose the right path, others because their customers and employees will choose the path for them.  Those who ignore the will of the people in these areas do so at their own peril.

The Issue List

Organizations would do well to map out their position across all these issues – and decide which ones are most relevant:

1) to their employees and customers,
2) to all stakeholders, and
3) to society at large.

Academic Freedom


Advertising, children’s

Affirmative Action



Air Pollution

Airline Issues

Alcohol Abuse

Animal rights

Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Violence



Arts Funding and Censorship

At Risk Students: Higher Education

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder


Automobile and Highway Safety


Birth Control

Campaign Finance Reform


Capital Punishment

Census Issues

Cheating, academic

Child Abuse and Molestation

Child Labor

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Church-State Separation

Civil Liberties

Civil Rights

Coastal Pollution and Wetlands Protection

College Sports

Computer Crime, Hacking

Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy

Corporal Punishment

Corporate Crime


Criminal Rights

Cults and Alternative Religions

Defense Spending and Preparedness

Deforestation and Logging

Disability Rights

Divorce and Child Support

Domestic Violence

Downsizing, corporate

Drought and aquifer depletion

Drug Abuse

Drugs, War on

Eating Disorders

Energy Dependency

Environmental Justice

Environmentally-induced Illness


Evolution Education

Extinction and Species Loss: Biota Invasion and Habitat Destruction

Farm crisis

Food and Drug Safety

Foster Care



Gay and Lesbian Rights

Genetic Engineering


Global Warming

Gun violence and gun control

Hate Crimes

Hate Internet and Radio

Hate Speech

Health Care Reform

Heart Disease


Housing costs

Human experimentation

Identity Theft


Immigration, Illegal

Indoor Pollution

Infectious Disease and Epidemics

Infrastructure Deterioration

Intellectual Property Rights

Journalistic Ethics

Judicial Reform

Juvenile Justice

Legal Services for the Poor


Mandatory Sentencing


Mass Transit

Media Bias

Media Consolidation

Media Sex and Violence

Medical Malpractice

Medicare and Medicaid Reform

Medicine, alternative

Mental Illness

Migrant Workers

Militia Movement

Minimum and Living Wages

Money Laundering

N(ot) I(n) M(y) B(ackyard) Y(ard)

Native Americans and Government Policy

Natural Disasters and Disaster Relief

Needle Exchange Programs

Noise Pollution

Nuclear Power and Waste

Nuclear Weapons


Occupational Safety and Health

Organ and Tissue Transplants

Organic Foods

Organized Crime


Police Abuse and Corruption


Poverty and Wealth

Prison Reform and Prisoner Rights



Public Opinion Polling

Racial Profiling


Recycling and Conservation

Red-lining and loan discrimination

Reproductive Rights and Technology


School Standards and Testing

School Violence

School Vouchers and Privatization

Scientific Research Ethics

Secrecy, Governmental

Sex Education

Sexual Harassment

Single Parenting

Social Security Reform

Space Exploration, costs and benefits

Special Education

Stem Cell Research


Student Rights


Superstores v. Main Street


Tax Reform

Term Limits

Terrorism, Domestic

Terrorism, Foreign

Terrorism, War on

Tobacco and tobacco-related health issues

Tort Reform

Toxic Waste

Traffic Congestion



Urban Sprawl

Veterans’ Issues

Voluntarism and Volunteering

Voting Issues

Waste Disposal

Water Pollution

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Welfare and welfare reform

Wilderness Protection

Women’s Rights

Xenophobia and Nativism

SOURCE: Library of Congress