Brand Activism: Patagonia’s Tax Cut Goes to Planet Earth

Being a responsible company means paying your taxes in proportion to your success and supporting your state and federal governments, which in turn contribute to the health and well-being of civil society. Taxes fund our important public services, our first responders and our democratic institutions. Taxes protect the most vulnerable in our society, our public lands and other life-giving resources. In spite of this, the Trump administration initiated a corporate tax cut, threatening these services at the expense of our planet.”

This statement from Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario sets the standard for brand activism.  In a post on LinkedIn, she explains:

“Patagonia will owe less in taxes this year—$10 million less, in fact. Instead of putting the money back into our business, we’re responding by putting $10 million back into the planet. Our home planet needs it more than we do.”

The money will go to “groups committed to protecting air, land and water and finding solutions to the climate crisis.”

Now, will anyone else will follow Patagonia’s example?

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