Racism on Display at Prada

Less than 24 hours ago, the world read about Chinyere Ezie‘s shocking encounter with Prada’s extreme insensitivity  outright racism in the storefront of their Soho outlet.  Here’s her Facebook post:

Within 24 hours, Ezie’s brandshaming post worked:

Prada’s response

In 2018, it’s inconceivable that a global brand could make this sort of faux pas without deliberate intent.

Was this a cynical attempt to get attention through controversy?  

If that wasn’t the case, then this is another form of incompetence – a lack of market research, a failure to understand history, and finally, a moral failure.

A question we must ask – who is behind this idea? Was it a designer?  A team of designers?  Are these product lines being developed without cultural awareness?  Without a conscience?  

Prada, you know better. No excuses. F for racism.